Why choose Suzuki over traditional methods?

Because anybody can do it. By “it”, we mean play beautiful music.

Dr. Suzuki had a very simple philosophy that flatly rejected the notion that, while anyone can learn to play notes on an instrument, it took some special gift to be able to really play music beautifully, as was widely believed before Suzuki. All the components that make for a beautiful musical performance can be broken down, analyzed, and carefully taught from day one. Rather than quickly learning one tune after another, start with the very first tune, take your time, and learn to play it beautifully before starting to learn the next piece. I would always rather hear a beginner piece played musically than something more advanced played without the proper musicality.

It starts with having the hands, fingers, and wrists, of a pianist. Here is Noel within two months showing his masterful roll-ups and demonstrating the touch of a pianist, producing a beautiful tone from the piano.

Then, once the basic techniques are mastered, you will be rewarded with the accelerated learning that comes with the mastering of these exciting challenges.

Here is 9-year-old Francesca after one lesson:

And here she is a year and a half later, now 11:

Here’s a 5-year-old within a year and a half: